Unhooding the enlarged steroids clitoris

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Stop right here, you can stop looking for a doctor now. The most superior aspect of the tissue (at the point where it is folded) is then carefully secured to the pubis symphysis with two 3-zero polypropylene sutures. Since a clitoris is really nothing more than a penis that never grew, then it can grow to reassemble it’s other form. Many surgical techniques have been described, with the underlying condition of the child influencing which choice may be best suited in each individual case.

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Unhooding the enlarged steroids clitoris. I have never meet a more outstanding surgeon. Three groups should be distinguished: endocrinopathies, masculizing tumours, or self-injection of long-acting synthetic androgens. Women usually do not. I trust him without question. The incision is therefore carried out approximately 1 cm or more proximal to the coronal margin.


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I am so happy i found dr alter. By reducing the length and projection of the skin around the clitoris, this surgery, also known as a hoodectomy, makes a small change that can mean a big difference. I am so thankful to dr alter and his team.

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