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Plus we got a lot in common she’s a stipper – i’m a freak. They get a little lap dance. If i come in here one mo’ night i’m gon’ need dr. They get a lil’ lap dancecome and grind on the willy of a black manin my ear tellin’ me the shit a nigga like to hearwhile i nibble on ya nipple like pac-manshe freakin’ she lickin’ she rubbin’then she pulled my dick out and start suckin’all because i be the twistaeven though t-pain told me shorty was a freaki asked her can i take her home (down right now)[chorus 2x – t-pain]i’m in love with a strippershe really think i’m playing, i’m playingshe take me for a joke when i say iti’m in love with a strippergot it real hot, gotta get with heri can’t stay out this club[pimp c]uh, young pimp ci’m a p-i-m-p, trickin’ ain’t in my pedigreeit really ain’t bout no square love it’s strictly cause she payin’ meshe be wantin’ lay me but i can’t do too much of that’cause even though yo ass fat, freakin’ off ain’t where it’s atbut i can show you how to get out there and get ityou love yo daddy i know ya with itthat’s why i got love for you[i’m n luv wit a stripper (remix) lyrics on http://www. Twista, r kelly, too $hort, pimp c (of ugk), mjg and paul wall.

T-pain lyrics - im n luv wit a stripper (remix)Im n luv wit a stripper (remix) lyrics by t-pain - lyrics on demand



T-pain - im in luv (wit a stripper) [remix] lyricsIm n luv wit a stripper (remix) lyrics by pimp cT-pain : im n luv wit a stripper (remix) lyrics

Stripper r kelly lyrics. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. ’cause i’m in luv wit a stripper. If i come in here one more night i’m gonna need dr. I must be the first man to eva fall in love wit a ass. They get a lil’ lap dance. Kelly / too $hort & twista the smooth ladies fave from t pain gets the remix treatment!! set to be large across the globe.


T-pain - im in love with a stripper (remix) lyrics | metrolyricsT pain - im n luv wit a stripper (remix) lyrics

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If i come in here one mo’ night, i’m gon’ need dr. [t-pain talking]god damn lil’ mama, you ain’t heard the remix yettwista, paul wall, pimp c, mjg, too $hort, come on baby[t-pain]she got the body of a goddess, everybody know thatsuper-cute face and the booty so fati’m in the club dropping twenty-four stacks’cause i’m in love and that’s a well known factlike, yeah she know what she doingif a nigga chillin’ with a stripper then he never go back homeshe got eyes butter pecan brown can’t leave it aloneliking the way she break it down to the flo’need to get her over here show her whereit’s about to go down right nowi’m in love with a stripper[twista]you wanna know where twista be on fiftyt-pain invited me to magic cityi’m about to have some fun 2001, in these pocket all my e-fizzles with mei like the way mama get up on the tablei like the way she pour the honey in her navali like it when she smack her fatty and open it up in front of mei wanna touch it but i ain’t ablethe one leg she can shake at the top of the polelook at the laffy taffy when she pop, she rolli wanna get her in the bed right after they closewhen i do a video you get the popular rolein the v. When drop, drop, when it hop, hop and when t.

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