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Beyond the standard global domination goal, there are a couple of fun variations, but nothing that couldn’t be done on the original board game. In the game of risk, you control territories of the world by stationing your troops in them. Numerous unofficial expansions and new maps have also been published through the years. At the western and eastern edges of the board, alaska is considered adjacent to and may attack, kamchatka. For 2 to 6 players.

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Risk global domination rules. Is a strategic board game for 3-5 players. Includes game board, deck of 72 (territory, mission, and wild) cards, 5 battle dice and 6 sets of military miniatures (60 in each set), including infantry, cavalry and artillery and a special golden cavalry token (to mark card set reinforcements), and instructions for the three game variations: world domination, capital risk, and secret mission risk. If you follow any set strategy you’ll be easily exploited. It remains a must-own classic. Armies will march through other opponents and multiple continents to secure your cards. Based on the halo first-person shooter video game series.

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Thus, if you trade in the 3rd set in the game, you receive 8 armies, even if itis the first set you have traded in. The risk europe game challenges you to step into the role of a medieval king as you set out to conquer europe. Visuals are a typical futuristic war-room holographic table affair, with some short movies to celebration key achievements such as conquering a continent.

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