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I said that in addition to all that the internal conflict a person can experience while watching porn, if he thinks that porn is bad, can exhaust his mind and nervous system. Shpancer aptly states, “what you don’t have words for you do not own or understand,” my goal with this blog is to help women own and understand masturbation, even while my search for a better word continues. Probably by giving the prostate a chance to flush out potential cancer-causing agents. You should masturbate when you are stressed. It makes sense, then, that a study cited in whipple’s book shows that 39 percent of american women masturbate in order to relax, from a surveyed group of 2,632 women. Apparently, the next trendy way to make the working day better is the masturbation break.

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Reduce stress with masturbation. This is partially out of convenience; i sleep naked, so of course it’s easy to make that transition to sexy-time when i’m already lying in bed. For some individuals, all sexual urges or interests stir up anxiety. We are so deficient in magnesium in our world today. According to indiana university’s national survey of sexual health and behavior, From penguins, to dolphins, horses, and even porcupines, mother nature has no judgment when it comes to wrapping your hand, wing, or fin, around your own personal magic wand. Take a long vacation in the summer but sprinkle short ones throughout the year as well to sustain benefits. Some researchers even recommend using sex as a.


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Maybe, if my daughter’s human geography teacher was right, they also know the benefits of masturbation-at least so far as its stress relieving qualities go. Please continue to respect all commenters and create constructive debates. (ref:the history of vibrators.

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