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Why spanking high-school students is dangerous

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This is a red light for people who want to legally limit how parents choose to discipline their children,” she said. Critics often argue that already-aggressive children get spanked more, gershoff told livescience. David hiley, dean of humanities and sciences. Although most americans do not like to call it so, spanking is hitting and hitting is violence. She covers the world of human and animal behavior, as well as paleontology and other science topics. Associate professor michael l. Michaela curtis went straight to the hospital and police when her son came home from school with dark bruises on his behind.

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Professors that spank. Like what he did. Linking it to increased aggression, anxiety and depression in kids. Griffin advises parents to focus more on altering behavior through teaching and praise. Moreover, spanking is ineffective because it is different from other forms of punishment and discipline in that it involves hitting, which is of course a form of violence (see further discussion of this issue later). Despite high approval ratings for spanking, ut’s gershoff sees change on the horizon. The same poll questions adults and children in the same households where 91% of the children admit they have been spanked at least once in their lifetime and only 52% of the parents admitted to spanking. Anybody’s knee-jerk reaction is that this is an outrageous circumstance,” cheek said.


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