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I have pains just at the opening of my vagina. Lying in bed together, kissing, hugging, holding, stroking, massaging, and mutually masturbating can be as just pleasurable as intercourse if you want it to be. Women with this condition feel severe pain when any type of pressure or penetration is attempted at the entrance to the vagina (an area called the vestibule). And paula spencer (bantam books, 2002). It is better to be open and honest at the time, so you and your partner can learn which situations create pain.

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Painful penetration at late 50. Since they are often experienced together, vaginismus is often lumped together with dyspareunia (sexual pain) but actually only refers to the specific contraction or spasm that prevents penetration. Health press limited bear no responsibility for accuracy of participant comments and will bear no legal liability for discussion results. I have been experiencing extremely painful intercourse for the last yr, so bad infact, even the thought of having sex, scares me, i know it is going to be so painful that it will not happen, and i have now lost all intrest in sexual activity altogether, this is very frustrating, i am single, and will probably remain that way now, if i cannot please my partner with intercourse it is oral for him/foreplay but intercourse is definitely out of the question. A history of sexual abuse or sexual violence may contribute to dyspareunia.


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Is common and affects women of all ages. Further research recruiting participants from the entire spectrum of gpppd could facilitate further clarification of what works for whom.

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