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In other words, the fewer sperm a man produces, the lower the likelihood that one of them will be able to successfully fertilize the egg. Conception is like flipping a coin. Total motility refers to any movement, while progressive motility refers to forward movement in either a line or in a large circle. Obstruction to the passage of sperm.

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Medical sperm low fluid level. Can you please comment how to improve it. The presence of certain organisms in semen or high number of the organisms is associated with infertility [. Poor sperm morphology may be cause by the same things that can cause low sperm counts. Free radical levels in the semen among a list of many other things. Anejaculation, as in retrograde ejaculation, may also respond to oral treatment, especially in patients with diabetes mellitus who have progressed from retrograde ejaculation to anejaculation. : normal semen ejaculate is between 1. Of damaged sperm giving an index known as the dna fragmentation index (dfi).

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