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Switching between channels i watched everything from gay sex to orgies. I gently took it in my hand and started to stroke it. Im going im going. Leaving the booth i headed back to the previous booth i was in and while going past a single preview booth there was an older gentleman watching a movie in a single booth with the door open. It definitely makes me want to try a glory hole for the first time.

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Glory hole ediquite. Now while some gentlemen are fond of a more fragrant genital area, i do maintain a preference for being as clean as possible. Yes but sometimes guys can be pussies too, i’ve had it that when i back up my ass to the hole the guys pull away & don’t want to fuck. After i finished he pulled his pants up and told me to drop mine because he wanted to see my cock. Once i entered the booth the gentleman closed and locked the door.

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See the latest conversations about any topic instantly. I watched women giving blowjobs, men giving blowjobs and fucking porn. I noted the single booths had no hole in the wall.

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