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If dave found out i just came again without permission. What i’m basically saying is that having kids is like being stuck in antarctica. In just a few short weeks, she filled the missing piece of my heart, and i became the solid ground under her feet. I dread that laugh because it means someone is about to cry or something is about to fucking break.

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Girls spanked in the shower. I removed her toys from their box and placed them on the tray next to me, covering them with a dark cloth to conceal their presence. This is because when i asked why you did it you raised your voice at me. She was hot and moist and moaned softly as i moved it inside her. Tawnee was for me, so you see, i have to “pee”. She took a deep breath and managed to stop sobbing.


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I came back downstairs and lay facedown on the floor, crying and pounding the carpet in frustration. I know but we could have cool water, it feels good on your bum when you’ve got spanked. I think she just moved on with her life.

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