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These are the types of characters the viewer can become very attached to and want to follow their lives. A forum for ex-mormons and others who have been affected by mormonism to share news, commentary, and comedy about the mormon church. I hear stories like this and i am sad for mormon kids. And fuck you for saying all of this while you profited off my sacrifice and the sacrifice of countless gay mormons before me who served missions for the church. This guy will eventually own this story publicly. I wrote that with the intended meaning “married to each other,” as in “peter and susan are married. For them, it appears, that sexual orientation is enough of a reason to consider someone a threat, independent of all other facts and reason.

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This is what same-sex marriage looks like now: as gay as the mormon missionary position | steven w thrasher | us news | the guardianLatter days (2003) - imdbCompanions: lessons from gay mormon missionaries on vimeo

Gay missionary mormon. How can you, once something so obvious becomes clear? So mormons and society largely agree here, and our societal laws reflect this attitude. Ah yes, the mormons, one of the religions trying to make the handmaids tail a real thing. This peculiar blend became so popular that the item sold out online.

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Honesty is not the best policy. This is the secret the church doesn’t want him to know. [laughs] i think they were so adorable and earnest in that sequence so their sweetness shines through.

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