Don t shave your ass hair

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I’m sorry but this made me laugh. Admit it: you’ve been curious. Careful about switching positions because you do not want to slip and fall. Offer my story to you, that you may learn from my error.

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Don t shave your ass hair. It’s basically a long rectangle of textured cloth made from nylon, perfect for scrubbing the backside. In order to properly shave your bum, you’ve got to be able to see it. This scent is light and fresh, and the green tea, cucumber, and lavender extracts are great for the skin. I just don’t see why a guy, unless he’s a real sasquatch, would want to shave his rear. Thank you for this. What i like about this unit is the dual end shaving it offers; the shaving head at the top is great for close shaves, and the trimmer at the bottom of the unit with the hair guard is great for trimming down hair. Alpha describes the process including how not to tender areas.

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I really wish i did not at least have to grow any hair down there. I would also recommend trimming the hair down for less money than doing the laser, with the many new manscaping razors on the market. Let me tell you why:

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