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Blood in your stool is seriously bad juju. Just keep an eye out for mucus. After eating i felt the need, so went to the restroom. If the blood was on the paper after you wiped, and not in the bowl, you may elect to stop at the urgent care first.

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Anus bloody powered by phpbb. After tomorrows hangover, i’ll feel like a million bucks. Keep a close eye on this man, you don’t want to end up with a colostomy bag. Went to the urgent care place, they gave me the range of possibilities from hemorrhoids to ulcerative colitis to “endopathy” or some such that is basically the internal version of a diabetic losing a foot to poor circulation / tissue damage (i am diabetic. Actually let me edit that. There wasn’t a lot of blood like you describe and it wasn’t in my stool. Anus 2018 phpbb group.

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If you’re pooping blood – like, it’s actually in the poop and not just a little on the paper from chafing or whatever – go see a doctor immediately. Though, again, i feel more or less fine other than stress – me imagining all the horrible things this could mean, worrying myself sick, etc. Why are you not on your own website making everyone happy with your work?