Aliens fuck your wife

This guy paints the sex he allegedly has with aliens - vice

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I’ve only had to delete 2-3 comments and all of them contained mean-spirited comments about the author. Robert and julie show you what the future of manufacturing looks like with the 3d printer. It makes no sounds. It needs a proper ending. Ironically, it’s made me abashed at my liking to fondle those cilia-like kids rubber toys. This was a story that lived up to and redeemed its gimmick.

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Aliens fuck your wife. Kij has written much, much better stuff than this. What’s the science behind this? Weird, disturbing, fascinating and fabulous. I’ve had to delete a few recent comments about this story.


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Are spiders inherently scary? and does the size of our fear affect the size of the eight-legged horror creeping across our bedspread? learn more about fear (real and imagined) in this video from stuff to blow your mind. I have met many men who claim to have had sex with aliens, especially a blue lady [metaphors]. I can’t wait to see our planet again.